Friday, December 27, 2013

Fitbit or C25K, Anyone?

My knee still isn't at 100% but I'm dealing with this
when trying to fasten ALL my jeans, not just my favorite pair that I was lamenting last spring.

So I ordered a Fitbit One at Thanksgiving. I do have a regular pedometer, but it's huge and I kept knocking it off. It was also hard to wear in the summer, because it made an unsightly bulge under my t-shirts and tank tops. The whole reason I don't wear tight pants and shorts is to cut down on the unsightly bulges.

I started C25K on Monday of this week, which involved running in small circles around the still-unpacked stuff in the basement. Don't tell me you don't have room to exercise. 
Be active, be healthy, be happy

I found a great free app for my iPhone that helps me keep up with the time for C25k. C25K Free by Zen Labs is perfect! You can even use your own playlist within the app. I read some reviews that mentioned that the voice can't be heard over the music, but I have had no problems at all. The voice is loud and clear. It also tells you when you're halfway done, so if you're running through your neighborhood like I will be if it ever warms up, you know when to turn around and head home.

We also got a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, which is beyond cool, but may kill me yet. LOL I'm using it for arm and back work on my C25K off days.

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but since the timing worked out this way, I thought I'd throw this out if anyone wants to join me. 

You can find me on Sparkpeople as chefamanda.
You're welcome to add me as a friend on I wanted friends to help keep me motivated. Somehow I picked the wrong friends because I can't get to the top ten of my list. So, you can be my friend, but only if you have fewer steps than I do.
I'm kidding.

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