Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 16

This morning I did a 25-minute workout on the Kathy Smith  Life Weights to Lose Weight - Upper Body. And my arms are jelly now. Makes it a little hard to type.

The boys and I went for a 15-minute walk this morning, and also yesterday after I wrote my post.

I only got 4,908 steps yesterday.

How did your day go?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 15

We're halfway through! And my jeans are actually tighter than they were when I started. I have no idea why. I didn't expect to see any changes this quickly, but getting bigger was certainly not anywhere in the plan. It's a bit frustrating. I'm starting to enjoy working out, though.

I did 30 minutes of the Abs of Steel DVD this morning. And I can still move, so that's something. LOL

I had 9,844 steps yesterday. I thought about walking around the house until I hit 10,000, but I just didn't have it in me by then.

How did your day go?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 14

We're two weeks into the challenge, and I'm almost to a point where I actually want to workout. Honestly, if I could take a long walk every day, I'd be happy, but that's not possible, and it wouldn't do much for my arms or back.

I walked my regular route at the park this morning for 46 minutes. It was a little weird, because there was hardly anyone there. I thought the weather might keep a few people away (we were in between storms), but this was more (less?) than I expected. There were one or two other walkers and joggers, but there were several groups there playing frisbee golf, so at least I wasn't in the park alone. I wouldn't have stayed if that were the case.

I did rescue an amazing number of worms today. There are always a lot out after a rain. The brainless little things start crossing a street or sidewalk while it's wet, and get stuck as the pavement or concrete starts drying out. I pick them up and throw them back into the grass. It only occured to me yesterday that they may not fare well as they land. I may need to reevaluate my rescue strategy.

I ended up with 11,864 steps yesterday. 

How did your weekend go? 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 13

I need to get back to posting early in the day. I've been going strong all day, and only sat down an hour or so ago, and I've been moving through all the stuff I need to do online.

I walked at the park this morning. The weather was much nicer than last Saturday morning. I walked for 44 minutes, and even got a tiny bit of jogging in there. And I mean a really tiny bit. 

I have over 10,000 steps by 4:30, and I have more than 11,233 now at almost 8:00, so that should tell you what kind of day I've had. And I'm not done yet. A nap would be good right about now, but if I lay down, I won't get up until morning. LOL

I got 7,021 steps yesterday.

How did your day go? If you're blogging, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 12

Sorry I'm posting so late. Fridays are pretty hectic for us. I did get a DVD from the library yesterday, and it's very different than any yoga DVD I've ever seen. It's yoga for athletes, so it has 16 different sports, and 12 different workouts for each sport. Basically, it's for cross-training. It's just a bunch of separate poses, rather than a full routine like I'm used to. I did 40 minutes (it was supposed to be 45 minutes, but I've found that the time isn't always accurate on workout DVDs) of basic poses in the Running category (they didn't have a walking - although they do have Hiking), and I feel SO much better today. 

I hadn't thought of looking for stretching DVDs until a reader mentioned it. (Thank you, Kemi!) I did get on my library's site this afternoon and reserve several stretching DVDs. I'll try them all out and hopefully I'll find one I like enough to buy, because I really need to be doing something.

I did walk for a few minutes with the boys today, but they were both grumpy so we cut it short. I went to the park after I took them to their dad's, and got 24 minutes in there.

I had 8,176 steps yesterday.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 11: Fitness Challenge

Have you ever started something then thought, "What on earth was I thinking?" Yeah. The last time I started a new exercise regime from nothing was three years ago. That time, I was energized and feeling good, and not only was I not exhausted and sore all the time, but starting from the very first day, I really had more energy and was staying up for 2-3 hours more than I had been previously. It was great.

So what's going on now? I'm sore, and I'm not even doing the full workouts on my DVDs. I'm tired and falling into bed at 10:30-11:00 every night. No reading in bed for me anymore; my eyes close as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I realized this morning what the problem probably is. I'm not doing yoga. I've recently been reading a lot about yoga and Christianity, and while I've never gotten a nudge from the Holy Spirit telling me to not do yoga, what I've read makes a lot of sense. So I've been looking at a few of the "Christian alternatives to yoga" DVDs. Except that I can't afford any of them right now. So I've put my yoga DVDs aside to sell or giveaway, but I'm not doing anything in place of them. I decided this morning that I need to be doing something until I can replace the DVDs. Except I can't find my yoga DVDs now. So I'll be seeing if my library has something. Because I am pretty much at a point where I can hardly move. A trip to the chiropractor would not go amiss, but I can not afford that, either. I already know that yoga works wonders for my back. (I'm not sleeping on a real mattress right now, either. That can't be helping.)

Which reminds me: if you want to get some exercise in, but are restricted in your movements for some reason, whether it be a wheelchair, arthritis, or some other issue, you can do a search for "limited mobility exercises" and find things that you can do.

Are you ready to throw in the towel? Have you hit unexpected roadblocks?

For the love of Pete. I forgot to tell you what I did today. I did 18 minutes with the Leslie Sansome Power Mile DVD. It's supposed to be a 20-minute workout, but it's not. I also did 8 minutes of a Billy Blanks Cardio Blast. It only lasts 8 minutes or I'd have done more. I did take a 15-minute walk with the boys. 

I only had 2,823 steps yesterday because we didn't walk yesterday (I did walk down to get the mail) and I spent most of the day either on the computer or sitting in the floor helping my 4yo with his reading.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 10: Fitness Challenge

This morning, I did 40 minutes of TaeBo. I like TaeBo, but I don't like that he doesn't do any cool-down or stretching at the end. He just stops. I just do stretching after I turn the DVD off, but it bothers me that people who don't know any better might think that just because Billy Blanks is an "expert" and has put out several DVDs, that if he doesn't do a cool-down, then it's not necessary.

We did end up walking yesterday, with no injuries. We haven't walked today, and probably won't since it's supposed to storm this afternoon.

I forgot to report my steps yesterday. (I knew there was something I was forgetting.) 
Yesterday: 5,006
Monday: 6,003

Oh, and the shoes yesterday? I feel compelled to point out that those were accumulated over several years. I don't run out and buy new shoes every month. :-)

We're 1/3 of the way through! How's your week going? If you're blogging, feel free to leave your link in the comments.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 9: Fitness Challenge

Okay, I'm slowly getting back to actually enjoying the workouts. Very slowly. This morning, I did 40 minutes of Jillian Michaels' Extreme Shed and Shred DVD. I'm not sure who's crazier: Billy Blanks, Jillian Michaels, or me for actually trying to do their workouts. 

The boys are sleeping late today so we haven't walked yet. I'd wake them, but it's so quiet. LOL

And just for fun, here's a picture I took yesterday of all my walking shoes. If you workout every day, whether it's walking, running, or whatever, you need to have at least two pair of shoes so your shoes can "rest and recover" between uses. I think I have enough shoes to let mine have a very good rest. 

How did you do today? And am I the only one with an insane sport shoe collection?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 8: Fitness Challenge

Here we go, the start of week 2! This morning, I did 30 minutes of the Buns of Steel DVD. Then the boys and I walked for 15-20 minutes. Not sure how long we were actually walking because we did stop a couple times, including once so I could pick Bennett up after he slipped off the curb and scraped his knee. He was sure he'd never walk again. (He still is, actually.) So I carried him home. Fortunately, we weren't far from home when he fell. I'm sure I get a bonus on my time for carrying extra weight.

I got 7,086 steps yesterday.

How did you do today? If you're blogging your workouts, feel free to leave your link in the comments.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 7

Day 7! You made it through one week! I made it through one week! LOL I still haven't hit that point yet where I want to work out as opposed to I have to work out. Soon, I hope. LOL

I do love walking, and I could walk until my legs go numb, but I stopped at two laps around the park this morning. It was 2.69 miles and 49 minutes. Not a great pace, but it'll get better.

I did figure out something cool this morning. I couldn't figure out what to do with my car key while I walked. I usually just carry them with me. Fanny packs are too big to fit me, and I did buy an armband last week for my phone and key, but it turns out it's too big, too. I need to find the packaging and receipt and take it back. (And at this point, you may be thinking, "If she's so stinking small that nothing fits her, then why is she even doing this challenge?" Trust me - Even small people can be out of shape. That's why this was never about weight. My weight has never been an issue. My fitness level, however, has.)

Anyway, back to the key. I just put the keyring (with just my car key and remote) on the strap of my pedometer. Voila. Instant key holder. 

Oh, and yesterday I got in 10,026 steps! 

How did your first week go? Feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 6

So this morning, I put my "crazy" hat on and went to the park to walk. I should have stuck with my original plan of waiting until it warmed up a little this afternoon. It was 51 degrees and very windy. In less than five minutes, my hands were numb and my nose was running. I will never understand why people choose to live in places where it's cold most of the year. Give me hot weather any time. Now would be good, actually.

I did walk for 39 minutes. Yesterday, I got in 7,185 steps. 

If you want a smaller button for your blog, this one will fit on your sidebar. If you use either of the buttons, please link back here.

How did you do on our first weekend day of the challenge? Feel free to leave your blog link in the comments.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 5

I'll have to come back and edit this this evening. I wanted to get it up so y'all can leave your comments. I didn't sleep well last night, and couldn't get out of bed this morning. On a typical day, that would mean that I wouldn't get a workout in, but the boys will be going to their dad's this evening, so I can do it after they leave. I can workout when they're here and awake, but if you have kids or pets, you understand why it's easier if they're not. LOL

It's rainy today, so no walk, but the kids have PE today, so at least they'll be moving.

I did get a lot of walking in yesterday, because we were furniture shopping. Or furniture browsing, since we still don't have any. We think we know what we want now, though. Either way, I ended up with 7,161 steps yesterday.

Did you do better than I did? If you're blogging, feel free to leave your link in a comment.

Update 7:52 PM
The temp has dropped 20 degrees since we got up this morning, so I thought it would be a good idea if I mall-walked in Kroger. I wasn't up for another DVD and walking is my exercise of choice. So I set my timer and walked around the inside of our big ole Kroger store. After walking around twice at a slow pace, so as not to freak anyone out, I looked at my phone. Seven minutes and 57 seconds. That obviously wasn't going to work. So I bought some Moose Tracks ice cream (hey, I mostly eat healthy food, but I don't do "dieting") and headed home.

Then I walked around my neighborhood for what turned out to be exactly 30 minutes. To the second. It was very weird. It's cold out there, by the way. 

I'm going to write another blog post (about food) for my main blog, then go have some ice cream and decompress.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 4

Well, today I was reminded how uncoordinated I am. I really don't like those DVDs that have you doing all kinds of complicated moves for cardio. I just can't keep up. By the time I figure out what they're doing, they've moved on. That's why I like TaeBo. Most of the moves are pretty straightforward. 

This morning, I did 24 minutes of a Kathy Smith cardio workout. Sort of. At least I was moving the whole time. Then the boys and I went for a 14-minute walk. Getting up at 7 is much easier than trying to get up at 6. I found an article yesterday that talks about motivating yourself to get up and exercise. I see no reason I can't hit snooze for an hour THEN go exercise. LOL

I forgot about the pedometer! I've been wearing it. I just forgot to report in. 
Tuesday: 5526
Wednesday: 5454

Yesterday evening, I only had 4600 steps, so I walked around the apartment until I got 5,000 steps. Jeffrey asked me what I was doing. LOL Reminded me of the days when I used to pace or run in place to hit 10,000 steps before I went to bed each night. :-D

How did you do today? If you're blogging it, feel free to leave your link in the comments.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 3

I have come to the conclusion that rather than setting my alarm for 6, hitting snooze for an hour, then getting up at 7, I'll just set the alarm for 7. I can't seem to get to bed before 11, and I need 8 hours sleep.

This morning, I did the 30-minute lower body Pilates workout on the Kathy Smith DVD. Gah. I'm trying to remember how much I used to enjoy working out.  It takes a little work to get all those muscles in shape again. LOL After the boys got up, we walked outside for 15 minutes.

How did your day go? Let me know in the comments. If you're blogging about it, feel free to leave your link in the comments.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 2

I know I should be all enthusiastic and cheerleadery, but honestly, it's hard for me to get excited about working out until I start seeing and feeling the results. And right now, all I'm feeling is tired and sore. LOL 

I did get my new pedometer last night. It wasn't even shipped via FedEx, but by regular mail. So there was no reason for them to not deliver it Saturday. *sigh* It's fine. I have it now, and I just have to get used to wearing one again. It's bigger than the ones I used to wear, but it can also ride in my purse when I'm out, so it'll work. I do love that I don't have to worry about remembering to record my steps every night. It keeps the data, resets at midnight, and has a program I can upload my data to. I'm such a gadget girl. If you're looking for something smaller, and have more to spend, I hear the FitBit* is excellent. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 1

It's only Day 1, and really, if it weren't for all of you, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed. LOL I set the alarm for 6, and finally woke up enough to get up a little after 7. Guess I'm going to have to go bed before 11 tonight.

This morning, I did 41 minutes of Tae-Bo. Billy's Boot Camp: Mission One, for the curious. And I've already had 22 oz of water.

So how did you do today? Let us know in the comments. If you're blogging about the challenge, feel free to leave your link in a comment! You're welcome to use this image as long as you're linking back to this blog. I do have a smaller button, but it needs some work. I'll try to get that up in the next couple days. It won't be today. :-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The "Spring Into Fitness" Challenge Starts Tomorrow! Are You Ready?

Get your pedometer and your walking shoes. Dust off those workout DVDs. Dig the weights out of the closet.

Are you ready? My pedometer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. It was actually out on the FedEx truck on Saturday, but judging from this shipment and past events, if it's a regular FedEx shipment, even if it's on the truck, it will not get delivered on a Saturday. And I even have a rented box at one of those Pack & Ship places, so the driver has to stop there anyway. It's very frustrating. 

So I'll go through most of tomorrow without a pedometer, but starting Wednesday, I'll post my steps, too, from the previous day. I'll do my best to get my post up early each morning so you can post your comments after you finish your 30 minutes.

Remember, this is all about group motivation. No guilt! I will not chase anyone down or kick anyone out. :-) It's also not about weight. I did take some measurements this morning, though, and a picture of my sad jeans not buttoning. If you need to do something like that so you can see your progress in a few weeks, then do it! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Take the "Spring Into Fitness" Challenge

There was a time not too long ago when I exercised every day. At least thirty minutes, and usually 45-60 minutes. I used DVDs five days a week and walked several miles on the weekends. Several different variables conspired against me, and eventually the workouts no longer worked out.

And there came a point at which my favorite jeans no longer fit.

Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans? I do not take jean-shopping lightly.