Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 10: Fitness Challenge

This morning, I did 40 minutes of TaeBo. I like TaeBo, but I don't like that he doesn't do any cool-down or stretching at the end. He just stops. I just do stretching after I turn the DVD off, but it bothers me that people who don't know any better might think that just because Billy Blanks is an "expert" and has put out several DVDs, that if he doesn't do a cool-down, then it's not necessary.

We did end up walking yesterday, with no injuries. We haven't walked today, and probably won't since it's supposed to storm this afternoon.

I forgot to report my steps yesterday. (I knew there was something I was forgetting.) 
Yesterday: 5,006
Monday: 6,003

Oh, and the shoes yesterday? I feel compelled to point out that those were accumulated over several years. I don't run out and buy new shoes every month. :-)

We're 1/3 of the way through! How's your week going? If you're blogging, feel free to leave your link in the comments.


ShonTrey said...

Yesterday the kids was off from school so, like the weekends, I did nothing! Today, I lanned on walking but I didn't check the forcast. Atleast I didn't have the "oh well, I tried" attitude; I did my PrayFit DVD for 33minutes. I must admit that I think the initial excitement has gone. I had been going strong, but today I found myself doing the modified version.

Amanda said...

Oh, I understand. The only thing getting me up early in the morning to workout is knowing I'm the one who started this challenge and I can't bail. LOL I know I'll be glad I did in a few weeks, but right now? Not so much.

K Quinn said...

I should be working out in the morning but just fitting it in our homeschool break is working right now. I had to walk today as I'm sore from yesterday.

Here's my post =>

Amanda said...

Oh, I like that, Kemi. But 100 jumping jacks would kill me right now. LOL Actually, 45 probably would have me laid out on the floor.