Friday, April 26, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 12

Sorry I'm posting so late. Fridays are pretty hectic for us. I did get a DVD from the library yesterday, and it's very different than any yoga DVD I've ever seen. It's yoga for athletes, so it has 16 different sports, and 12 different workouts for each sport. Basically, it's for cross-training. It's just a bunch of separate poses, rather than a full routine like I'm used to. I did 40 minutes (it was supposed to be 45 minutes, but I've found that the time isn't always accurate on workout DVDs) of basic poses in the Running category (they didn't have a walking - although they do have Hiking), and I feel SO much better today. 

I hadn't thought of looking for stretching DVDs until a reader mentioned it. (Thank you, Kemi!) I did get on my library's site this afternoon and reserve several stretching DVDs. I'll try them all out and hopefully I'll find one I like enough to buy, because I really need to be doing something.

I did walk for a few minutes with the boys today, but they were both grumpy so we cut it short. I went to the park after I took them to their dad's, and got 24 minutes in there.

I had 8,176 steps yesterday.

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K Quinn said...

You're welcome Amanada :)