Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 4

Well, today I was reminded how uncoordinated I am. I really don't like those DVDs that have you doing all kinds of complicated moves for cardio. I just can't keep up. By the time I figure out what they're doing, they've moved on. That's why I like TaeBo. Most of the moves are pretty straightforward. 

This morning, I did 24 minutes of a Kathy Smith cardio workout. Sort of. At least I was moving the whole time. Then the boys and I went for a 14-minute walk. Getting up at 7 is much easier than trying to get up at 6. I found an article yesterday that talks about motivating yourself to get up and exercise. I see no reason I can't hit snooze for an hour THEN go exercise. LOL

I forgot about the pedometer! I've been wearing it. I just forgot to report in. 
Tuesday: 5526
Wednesday: 5454

Yesterday evening, I only had 4600 steps, so I walked around the apartment until I got 5,000 steps. Jeffrey asked me what I was doing. LOL Reminded me of the days when I used to pace or run in place to hit 10,000 steps before I went to bed each night. :-D

How did you do today? If you're blogging it, feel free to leave your link in the comments.


K Quinn said...

I forgot to wear my pedometer. I did The Firm 3 in 1 mix. It was long but worth it.

Amanda said...

Don't you hate that feeling when you forget your pedometer? I'm just getting used to wearing one again.