Thursday, April 11, 2013

The "Spring Into Fitness" Challenge Starts Tomorrow! Are You Ready?

Get your pedometer and your walking shoes. Dust off those workout DVDs. Dig the weights out of the closet.

Are you ready? My pedometer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. It was actually out on the FedEx truck on Saturday, but judging from this shipment and past events, if it's a regular FedEx shipment, even if it's on the truck, it will not get delivered on a Saturday. And I even have a rented box at one of those Pack & Ship places, so the driver has to stop there anyway. It's very frustrating. 

So I'll go through most of tomorrow without a pedometer, but starting Wednesday, I'll post my steps, too, from the previous day. I'll do my best to get my post up early each morning so you can post your comments after you finish your 30 minutes.

Remember, this is all about group motivation. No guilt! I will not chase anyone down or kick anyone out. :-) It's also not about weight. I did take some measurements this morning, though, and a picture of my sad jeans not buttoning. If you need to do something like that so you can see your progress in a few weeks, then do it! 


kewkew said...

I just posted my E is for Exercise post and shared about this challenge. Would I be able to use your image for the top of my blog posts?
Looking forward to this challenge and getting healthier.

Amanda said...

Absolutely! As long as you link back here, it's fine. Glad you're joining us and thanks for sharing!