Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 14

We're two weeks into the challenge, and I'm almost to a point where I actually want to workout. Honestly, if I could take a long walk every day, I'd be happy, but that's not possible, and it wouldn't do much for my arms or back.

I walked my regular route at the park this morning for 46 minutes. It was a little weird, because there was hardly anyone there. I thought the weather might keep a few people away (we were in between storms), but this was more (less?) than I expected. There were one or two other walkers and joggers, but there were several groups there playing frisbee golf, so at least I wasn't in the park alone. I wouldn't have stayed if that were the case.

I did rescue an amazing number of worms today. There are always a lot out after a rain. The brainless little things start crossing a street or sidewalk while it's wet, and get stuck as the pavement or concrete starts drying out. I pick them up and throw them back into the grass. It only occured to me yesterday that they may not fare well as they land. I may need to reevaluate my rescue strategy.

I ended up with 11,864 steps yesterday. 

How did your weekend go? 


ShonTrey said...

I was hoping for a strong finish to a great weekend but it rained. I know weekends are busy so when I go out I go prepared to walk. Well, by the time I finished with my plans and it was time to walk it started raining. I came home, instead of a DVD I decided to lay and listen to the raindrops.

Friday and Saturday I walked for over an hour. Oh, Amanda, how I look forward to the day I add "just a touch" of jogging in my routine. I just might look into a stretching DVD as well.

Can't believe I made it to the half way mark!

Amanda said...

You did make it halfway! And sometimes we just have to stop and listen to the rain. :-)