Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 11: Fitness Challenge

Have you ever started something then thought, "What on earth was I thinking?" Yeah. The last time I started a new exercise regime from nothing was three years ago. That time, I was energized and feeling good, and not only was I not exhausted and sore all the time, but starting from the very first day, I really had more energy and was staying up for 2-3 hours more than I had been previously. It was great.

So what's going on now? I'm sore, and I'm not even doing the full workouts on my DVDs. I'm tired and falling into bed at 10:30-11:00 every night. No reading in bed for me anymore; my eyes close as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I realized this morning what the problem probably is. I'm not doing yoga. I've recently been reading a lot about yoga and Christianity, and while I've never gotten a nudge from the Holy Spirit telling me to not do yoga, what I've read makes a lot of sense. So I've been looking at a few of the "Christian alternatives to yoga" DVDs. Except that I can't afford any of them right now. So I've put my yoga DVDs aside to sell or giveaway, but I'm not doing anything in place of them. I decided this morning that I need to be doing something until I can replace the DVDs. Except I can't find my yoga DVDs now. So I'll be seeing if my library has something. Because I am pretty much at a point where I can hardly move. A trip to the chiropractor would not go amiss, but I can not afford that, either. I already know that yoga works wonders for my back. (I'm not sleeping on a real mattress right now, either. That can't be helping.)

Which reminds me: if you want to get some exercise in, but are restricted in your movements for some reason, whether it be a wheelchair, arthritis, or some other issue, you can do a search for "limited mobility exercises" and find things that you can do.

Are you ready to throw in the towel? Have you hit unexpected roadblocks?

For the love of Pete. I forgot to tell you what I did today. I did 18 minutes with the Leslie Sansome Power Mile DVD. It's supposed to be a 20-minute workout, but it's not. I also did 8 minutes of a Billy Blanks Cardio Blast. It only lasts 8 minutes or I'd have done more. I did take a 15-minute walk with the boys. 

I only had 2,823 steps yesterday because we didn't walk yesterday (I did walk down to get the mail) and I spent most of the day either on the computer or sitting in the floor helping my 4yo with his reading.


ShonTrey said...

So, all this time I was thinking my
body was aging in dog years but all it was missing was yoga

A girl I met in Dubai taught yoga. Once she got batized she changed her music, "chanted" Bible verses, and maybe left out certain poses. Either way, I went to the class once and was done. Yoga is not for me; although I do a wicked Child's pose, lol.

My work out was the same old routine, nevertheless, I was moving!

Amanda said...

LOL I don't chant anything anyway. The stretching in yoga makes a huge difference for me. Someone actually told me the other day that child's pose was the hardest thing for them. I was like, "Um, what?" LOL

K Quinn said...

I'm of the no yoga camp also. Have you tried a good regular stretching video like a ballet one? I did an hour long Firm video today. I said I would only do 30 minutes and here I am at an hour 11 days in.