Monday, May 6, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 22

I went to the chiropractor this afternoon (for the first time in almost five years) and learned that my kneecap is not dislocated. I do, however, have a problem. The tendon at the top of my patella is severely strained. Maybe sprained, I supposed, although he didn't use that word. All I know is it really hurts, though not as bad as yesterday.

I need to start going back to the chiropractor, which isn't going to happen for a couple weeks. Until the pain is gone, I have to rest it, ice it, use arnica, all that stuff.

So the question is, do I keep posting so you can post your progress? I'm also thinking about giving it another two days to heal, and finding those limited-mobility exercises I mentioned yesterday, now that I know I won't be injuring it just by moving it. Which means no exercise tomorrow, but I would start back on Wednesday. I really hate to break my momentum this far in.

Any input? And how are you doing? No injuries, I hope.


ShonTrey said...

I'm sorry you're hurt but glad it's not bad as it was. You scared me for a moment when you mentioned not being able to get out of the tub. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

It's really hard for me to work out on Sundays. Needless to say, I did nada yesterday. Today, I had a great workout doing Insanity's Cardio, Power & Resistance DVD.

I post every other day so it's cool with me if you wait until you're back exercising to post again

K Quinn said...

Oh so sorry you're hurt. Sorry too I've been out of commission. You can wait until you're well again or post motivating messages. I know the feeling though. I've been there. The knee is a tough one.

Amanda said...

Thanks, ladies. Not sure how much I'll be exercising in the next week. I'll keep posting, though.