Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 24

Gah. That is all.

Okay, maybe not. Day 23's post didn't get lost on the interwebs; I just didn't post yesterday. I was kind of in a "why bother?" funk. I'm mostly over it (the funk, not the exercising). There is no way I'll be back to working out by the end of this challenge. Not for 30 minutes a day. I'm walking as little as possible, and have my 11-year-old and 4-year-old running extra go-fer duties. On Monday, when I found out that it was just my tendon, and not a dislocated patella, I was very relieved. I still am, because I don't have to be as paranoid about how I move. However, I was thinking that I just "pulled" or strained or whatever happens to tendons. It has since occurred to me that it may actually be torn. I'm not going to an orthopedist to find out. He'll just want me to take drugs and/or physical therapy that I can't afford, and therefore won't do. 

For right now, I just plan on resting my knee as much as possible until it can heal. My left calf and ankle, and right knee, have started hurting, too. I'm assuming it's because I'm walking funny and it's putting a strain on everything else. Fun. So I have both knees and my left ankle wrapped. *sigh* It works.

I got a new stretching DVD from the library yesterday. I do think I'll really like this one if I can ever do it. I tried to do the upper body segment this morning, but so much of even that involves the legs, that even sitting down, I did very little. It did help a bit, though. The DVD does have some yoga, but I'm not sure there's anything out there that doesn't. Most of it isn't yoga, so it'll have to do.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try the Upper Body workout on the SparkPeople DVD. I think it's only five minutes, but it's all seated dumbbell work. I think I can manage that.

I got a whopping 1.476 steps yesterday. First day I've topped 1,000 since Saturday.

How are you doing? Less than a week to go!

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