Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Day 27

We're coming into the final days of the challenge. I kept saying that I wasn't yet excited about working out, but now that I can't, I'm really missing it. *sigh* LOL

I did do the 10-minute arm workout on the Sparkpeople DVD today. It's the only thing I have on all my various DVDs that don't involve any leg work. I'm only doing it every other day, because there is no purpose in working the exact same muscles every day without letting them rest.

I did get two more stretching DVDs from the library today. I don't expect there will be much I can do without using my legs, but I can at least watch them and see if I want to try them. And I may be pleasantly surprised.

I did get 2,117 steps yesterday, passing 2,000 for the first time since last Friday.

How are you doing?


ShonTrey said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize you haven't recovered. I hope atleast it's not as painful.

Summary of my week: I've been aggravated all week because we have only the one vehicle. Whenever there's a conflict in schedule, of course, my plans loose out. I haven't been able to go meet up to do insanity. Tuesday, I was mad and decied I wasn't working out anymore, so I didn't. Wednesday, I realize I was only hurting myself so the next four days I brought the PrayFit DVD out.

I'm just finishing my 33minute workout. Now I remember why I quit Zumba. The class was 7:30-9PM; talking 'bout working up an appetite...I'm ready to eat and I don't want an apple. I must keep to the daytime routine

Amanda said...

I don't think I could work out that late. I ended up doing it tonight after 9PM, but it wasn't cardio.

I'm glad you decided to keep it up. Regular exercise also helps get that frustration out. LOL

The knee is pretty bad. I'm just resting it and giving it the six weeks or so usually needed for a sprain/serious injury.