Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fitness Challenge Wrap-up

From what I'm hearing, the challenge went much better for you than it did for me. LOL I was just getting to the point at which working out was something I wanted to do every day... or at least remembered to do every day. Then, on Day 20, I sustained an injury that brought everything to a screeching halt. 

I tried on the jeans last night. Those still don't fit. I tried on a dress this morning that I purchased a few months ago. It would have fit back when I was working out three years ago, and it was my "goal" dress. It still doesn't fit, either. It's as annoyingly close as the jeans. I took measurements this morning, and none of those have changed, despite the fact that I can see more definition in my arms, calves, and waist. I have no clue if I've lost (or gained) any weight, because I don't own a scale.

I have noticed that since I stopped working out, my energy level has tanked again. :-(

So, while I didn't reach my ultimate goal (get back in those jeans!), I did meet two of my goals:
1) Make exercising a habit
2) See enough progress to keep me moving

I'll keep up with the arm workouts, and start stretching soon. In a few weeks, I hope to be back to regular workouts. I'll have to start all over with building up my time. Maybe I'll have another challenge. I can't use "spring" in the title, though. Maybe "Summer" something. How about "Summer" Us Need to Get in Shape. Or maybe that's just the Southerner in me coming out....

How did you do? Did you see any progress in any areas? Did you enjoy the group challenge (although it was a small group)? Do you have any suggestions for things to do differently if I host future challenges (exercise or others)?


ShonTrey said...

Yay, we did it!

I was hoping for a stronger finished. Of course, I didn't work out Sunday. Monday I did the Insanity's fitness test, which is done every two weeks. I had improvements in most groups. I wish I had did some type of test at the beginning of the challenge. Tuesday, I was down with allergies. This is my first year dealing with them; so I haven't yet figured out how to cope. I'm not big on meds but this is one of the worst feelings ever. Wednesday, I had a great workout, the same excitement as the first day- no modifications.

This challenge has helped me to think about exercising. I may miss a day or so but it's atleast on my mind.

I didn't take my measurements at the begginning so I don't know where I stand with that. Weight lost was a bit disappointing. I feel like the animated commerccial of the couple- the weight drops off the man. Nevertheless, it's a lost and that haven't occured in quite sometime. I have a pair of sweat pants that are pretty close to looking like so, and not leggings.

Thanks Amanda, I'm sure this is not the end but just the begining of a new lifestyle.

ShonTrey said...

And no I'm not coming in from a night on the town. Although I'm not a party person I would gladly take that over these allergies

Amanda said...

Yay! The main purpose of this challenge was to make exercise a habit, so you win! LOL Don't beat yourself up for what you think you didn't do. Celebrate your successes!